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Look Out For Some Amazing Tanning Tips for Beginners

Look Out For Some Amazing Tanning Tips for Beginners

A good tan not only augments a person’s looks but also hide blemishes. In fact, it enforces a warm attractive glow to the skin. Getting a tan may sound easy; however, getting it safely can be a great challenge. There are many instances when you might have thought of having a well tanned, buttery skin; instead, you might have come out of the tanning bed strawberry red.

Here are some basic tanning tips and guidelines which you can follow to get a good tan.

Tanning Beds

The lamps of the tanning beds act like the sun as it emits ultraviolet rays. The human body reacts to the UV rays by invigorating melanocytes within the skin and provide ideal brown or caramelized glow. Make sure to go for low-intensity lamps for the tanning beds.

Remove Make Up

Make-up or deodorant may act like a sun-block. It can prevent the UV rays to reach the skin for tanning. By removing make up, you can ensure tan on your face and armpit areas.

Gradually Increase Time

If you are new to tanning, you should start your tanning session slowly. Gradually, time should be increased.

Expose Every Part Slowly

Not every part of the body see the sunlight. Exposing those parts to tan should be done slowly. You can cover those areas in order to avoid burn tan.

Sunscreen Is Important

Sunscreen is necessary if you want to get a good tan and avoid side effects like sunburn. Without a sunscreen, the UV rays can still hurt you. After exfoliation and moisturizing, try to use a sunscreen with the right SPF in order to get protection.

In order to ensure a long lasting glow, don’t wash your tanning lotion immediately after self-tanning. Once you come out of the tanning bed, your body is still processing the tan effect from the UV rays. You must moisturize your skin in order to keep the same glow of tan for a certain period of time.

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