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Advantages and Disadvantages of Rooting your Android Smartphone

When you plan to buy a new Android Smartphone with latest specifications, you may not be aware of a few unwanted applications and features that are not much important to you. You may want to uninstall them completely. The features included aren’t easy to uninstall, like any other simple repair like a flash fix, still you don’t have to worry about those features.

You can still remove those features or applications from your smart phone. All you need to accomplish this task is to root your Android smart phone. You must be thinking what rooting is all about and what are the pros and cons of rooting.


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Well, rooting your Android smart phone is a simple process that allows you to make a lot of changes in your smart phone. By rooting you can make changes in Menu, Android OS or User interface etc., rooting enables replacing the existing Android OS with customized OS in your Android smart phone.

In other words, rooting can help you change your mobile phone in different ways as per your needs.

Advantages of rooting your Android Smart phone

  • It enables you to make changes in the User Interface
  • You can install different apps of your choice that are not inbuilt in your phone and you cannot use without rooting your phone.
  • A plenty of apps are available for rooted Android smart phones, which you cannot use without rooting.
  • You can get a better control over applications when you root your Smartphone.
  • You can spare more space in internal memory in case of a rooted Smartphone.

 Disadvantages of rooting your Android Smart phone

  • Upon rooting, you will lose guarantee and warranty on your mobile phone
  • There are increased chances of threat to your Android Smartphone when you root it
  • You may lose your personal and sensitive data
  • Your Smartphone, is prone to virus attacks.


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