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Health benefits of Carrageenan- Chondrus Crispus

Health benefits of Carrageenan- Chondrus Crispus

Irish Moss or you can call it as Chondrus Crispus, is used as a thickening agent, where it is converted into carrageenan to be used in various food products. it has many nutritional benefits that you can understand through this article

Skin Health

It is often used in cleansers and skin creams. The abundance of vitamins extracted from this carrageenan gives amazing effects on your skin. It helps reduce wrinkles, soften skin and treat some skin diseases like psoriasis and eczema.

Viral ailments

It is believed to be quite effective in treating viral problems like mumps virus, cold, influenza, common cold etc.,


It treats duodenal and peptic ulcers successfully.


It consist of a lot of antioxidants that helps in preventing free radical damage inside our body and reduces the risk of different types of cancer.


It is quite helpful in reducing the LDL cholesterol levels. Overall, it aids better cardiovascular health.

Weight loss

If you are obese and trying to lose weight, Irish moss is an effective method to fight obesity.

Rich in Iodine

It is a rich source of iodine and helps combat the radiation poisoning effects. It can also help with disturbed thyroid function, prevention of cancer and also aid recovery from cancer disease that includes radiation.

Respiratory problems

It is believed to be useful against all upper respiratory ailments like cough and bronchitis. Its anti-viral properties work while treating respiratory problems.

Recovering from disease

It is highly beneficial for those recovering from a particular illness or disease. With the help of minerals and vitamins present in abundance, it can help you regain the energy levels in the body and aid immune system for faster recovery. It is also helpful for an individual going through radiotherapy to reduce the side effects of the treatment.

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